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Climb Up!

The mission of the Climb Up! Program is to improve the lives of underserved youth by introducing them to the adventure and joy of rock climbing. Climb Up! uses mentorship to teach youth about five core values which can be applied to climbing and can carry over into all aspects of life:



Trust & Teamwork




Participant Application

To apply a child for participation, please print and return the completed application form to Blue Granite Climbing Gym.

Mentor Application

You can apply online to be a mentor, or you may print and return the completed application form to Blue Granite Climbing Gym.

Program Goals

The Climb Up! program is an intervention program targeting local youth identified as being at risk of depression, anxiety, substance use and high risk behaviors. Using the process of learning to climb, tackle and accomplish goals and challenges we hope to enrich the lives of our young participants.


There are a number of studies showing positive outcomes with physical activity including decrease in depression, anxiety, substance abuse, high risk behaviors as well as an increase in positive self view. Being introduced to a challenge, such as rock climbing, will enable our participants to use communication, balance, trust, teamwork, and confidence to create resilience and strength.  This therapeutic process will add protective factors our youth will take into the rest of their lives.

Program Overview

We will accept applications from all sources and will create groups based on age and needs.  All ages are welcome and we will group participants based on age. Each group of 5 participants will have 2 mentors for a 5 week program on either Tuesdays or Thursdays.  After the 5 weeks of program all participants are invited to join the Recreation Club at Blue Granite climbing gym, a weekly team program including all gear.  All programming is paid for with donations given to the TCC, including grants from The Barton Foundation.

Beginning 2020 Climb Up! will be up and running.  

Tuesdays: January 7, 14, 21, 28 and February 4. 5:00PM-7:00PM

Thursdays: January 9, 16, 23, 30 and February 6. 4:00PM-6:00PM

Closing climbing party for all participants: Saturday February 8th at noon. Lunch provided.


Is transportation provided?  Transportation is an issue for many people.  We would prefer parents/care-givers to transport. If we accept someone into the program and their only barrier is transportation we will find a way to get them there, carpool, board member drive, mentor drive, etc.


What ages are being accepted?  We are accepting all age groups in the application process.  We will group team based on age and need.  We will give priority to those with the greatest financial and behavioral need.

My kid isn't a bad kid, what were they referred?  This is a mentorship and enrichment program.  Truly any and all children could benefit from this program.  There are times in every child's life they struggle with something, i.e. impulse control, hitting, tantrums, bullying, confidence, fear.  We do not believe anyone is a "bad kid" and we believe in the benefits of climbing and enrichment for all people.

Does my child have to attend all 6 days? We would like all participants to come to all classes if at possible.  This is how they will get the most from the program.  We also understand children have things come up and we understand.

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