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Castle Rock Falcons

This Page will be updated as on an as-needed basis.

Last updated: May 24, 2021

Update from the US Forest Service:

  • Climbing is not closed anywhere on the site.

  • USFS is are asking that people avoid hiking and climbing to the top of any of the rocks

  • If for some reason you are climbing the routes near Village and Armory Walls and you notice distress in the birds (loud calling and circling), you should come down to give the birds some space.

  • USFS plans to take the signs down when the young have fledged – estimated to be very early July.

"These are very similar to the points we sent to you all last year and we want to express a sincere thank you to the climbing community for coming together with us on this last year and this year. The nest was successful last year in producing young and this is no doubt due to the help of the climbers!" - USFS

This year we have been told that there is a ton of activity (climbing and hiking) at the site and we have had some reports of the birds being very agitated and some reports of the birds being very mellow. It most likely depends on the specific disturbance.

If everyone could help out this long-term pair at the site until the young fledge that would be very appreciated!

TCC is asking the climbing and outdoor community to strictly follow these guidelines to protect our friends and, of course, our access to this terrific local climbing and hiking resource.

Stay Stoked!

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